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Abby was pulled from the Bryan Texas Shelter in January 2014. Abby is around 11-13 years old and blind. She was found abandoned in a vacant house, her owners moved off and left her. Abby was in very poor condition when found.

She almost starved to death, dehydrated, double ear infection, severely infection mouth and uterus infection. Imagine her fear, senior dog, blind and helpless, left to die! After a couple months of gaining weight and several rounds of antibiotics, Abby had her dental and spay surgeries in April 2014. She is now healthy and enjoying her new life! Abby does suffer from severe emotional issues, due to fear of being left. This is triggered if taken to new places if she can not hear our voices and be reassured she is not being left. If Abby gets in this panic, she will bloody her mouth and paws trying to escape the unknown area. No worries Abby, that will never happen. You are safe now and forever! Abby has a found a boyfriend since moving in! She has quite a love affair with Chance! The young one, missing part of his brain! He is 1 year old and 85 pounds! Abby is 11-13 years old and 6 pounds! Obviously Abby is quite the cougar! They play and play and have a real bond! No worries, Chance knows he has to lay down and play with her and very gentle. Videos posted on You Tube and Facebook pages! Abby is thriving with her restored health and new life! 


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Annabelle was pulled from the Fort Worth shelter October 2013. She is 10 years old. She was scared, alone, confused and in very poor health. Annabelle had a large tumor on her chest and a huge bladder stone. After 4 complicated surgeries and mammary cancer diagnosis, she has a new lease on life for what time she has with us. At one time she was someone's beloved pet, as she knows some tricks. We will never know Annabelle's full story, but we do know the second part of her life is going to be a good one! Annabell has found her boyfriend too! She and Mr.Moose have quite a love affair bond!

BeBe *HS*

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Poor tiny little BeBe! She was a backyard breeder genetic mix up! Bebe has a mild case of Cerebellar Hypoplasia. She is not a senior, only 18 months old and 4 pounds!

She was no use to the breeder due to the medical conditions caused by the breeder trying to create a tiny schnauzer! She had 2 sets of teeth,very long muzzle,neck and ears. The breeder gave her to a hoarder who kept her in a tiny milk crate.

She could not stand,walk or move. She never saw they light of day either. She was also starving as the hoarder had 150 dogs!

BeBe had lost the use of her back legs to to the confinement. The vet also said that she has severe neurological problems due to the breeding.

She also has a wheel chair. We rescued BeBe 11/10/09 and she has now seen sunlight,grass and best of all does not use her wheelchair except on long walks!

We work with her everyday, stretching and making her use her legs. I also put her in the jetted tub for therapy.

She can run and jump two feet up on the couch. Since she has neurological problems, following commands is sometimes hard for her. But she is learning some hand signs better than voice commands.

She is also potty pad trained to the surprise of the vet. He also stated about 6 more months of constant care and exercise she may be walking at 95% and never need her wheel chair!

She was deemed unadoptable and scheduled to be put to sleep due to her condition. I could not stand the thought of this and took her in to help her.

She is very playful and keeps the older ones in a hissy at times. She also makes a very funny badger noise when she plays.

Welcome home BeBe, all the bad days are behind you now! We love you and will work with you as long as it takes! Update 9/21/11 BeBe is thriving and happy. No longer uses her wheelchair and 80% housebroken. Way to go BeBe!

Update- 4/15/12 Bebe is thriving, healthy and still improving on her house training skills!

Update- 2/1/2013 Bebe is happy & healthy. Her house training has improved! She will do a"dance & prance" to go out, but does still need a potty pad. But that's ok!

Update-8/2013 Bebe is thriving and greatly improved on her house training skills. So much so, she now has the freedom to free roam at night, with boundaries she adheres to! It is obvious she is quite proud of herself! So are we! 


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Moved in 2/2013. He is a 10-12 week old shepherd. Sweet little Chance was pulled from the Ft.Worth shelter hours before he was to be euthanized. He suffers from advanced Cerebellum Hypoplasia. He is missing a majority of his

cerebellum. So much so, this has NEVER been seen in a live dog. When Chance first arrived, he had zero coordination, couldn't walk, bobbled his head like a newborn baby and lacked the coordination to obtain proper food/water on his own. He got to where he was going, by crawling, rolling or slinging himself. So Chance had to be kept on soft surfaces as he bangs his head. He requires 24/7 hands on care and has to be held every few hours to be fed and watered. Despite this he is happy and wags his tail!

Update- 8/2013 Chance is quite the medical marvel! In 6 months time, despite missing the majority of his cerebellum, he is thriving and defying ALL odds against him!

Update- 1/31/2014 Chance is now 1 year old and almost 85 pounds! He is thriving and defying all the odds against him! Chance also has 2 girlfriends at Bark n Rest! Quite the cougar chaser, he loves seniors, Sally & Abby! Due to his popularity he has his own FB page Here you can follow his life journey and medical story unfold! :  


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oved in 9/11. She is 2.5 years old, healthy but deaf and slightly mentally challenged. She is a Cataholua dog. We found China in the Wise County Shelter. Everyone passed her up due to the deafness. Which was our gain! She is sweet, wonderful and learning hand commands. China loves to watch TV and stare at the ceiling fan! We love you and you are home forever China!

Update- 4/15/12 China is healthy and doing great!

Update- 2/1/2013 China is healthy & happy! She knows hand signs & commands! 100% dog door trained too!

Update- 8/2013 China is still going strong! Even adapting to car ride better. Still has her "out of it" days, but happy and thriving!


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We pulled Fancy from the Fort Worth shelter 10/2014. Fancy is a small poodle mix about 8 months old. She was surrendered due to health issues. Fancy has a neurological condition called Cerebellar Hypoplasia. This condition affects movement and fine motor skills. They also have tremors, that can worsen with stress or excitement. CH dogs to learn to compensate with therapy and hands on care. Full life span is expected and can live quality lives.

Fancy is otherwise healthy and keeps the seniors on their toes! She is also making friends to enjoy her life with!

Jordan *HS*

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Came to us from Texas Star Rescue on 4/3/12. Jordan was dumped in a local shelter in East Texas. She has since had her lower jaw removed dur to calcium deposits, no teeth, blind in one eye, very tiny (about a pound), very frail bones and around 19-20 years old.

She does have a fast paced galloping heart beat, but good pulse rate. She gets around great! Has LOTS of spunk and has a great appetite. She also sleeps 23 hours of the day away burrowed in a blanket in a dog stroller or favorite bed that she loves. She also loves to lay in the morning sun and have a walk around the yard. She is quite the tiny diva! We are glad to have you Jordan!

Update-2/1/2013 Jordan IS the diva of the bunch! If she wants, she demands it on the spot, no relenting! Still going strong, healthy & happy! You go girl!

Update: 8/2013 Jordan is still the diva and going strong!


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Molly came to us from the Fort Worth shelter 10/2014. She is senior lady, about 12-14 years old. Molly was surrendered for unknown reasons and not sure if it was her owner or relative of owner. Molly was so heartbroken and confused as to why her life was turned upside down. She had a very infected mouth with a untreated broken old broken jaw injury. Molly has since had her dental surgery and healthy now. Molly is very calm, quite and laid back. She loves to spend her time sleeping the day away.


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Moved in 1/2013. He was pulled from death row in the Garland Shelter. 10 years old. Poor tiny little old man was so scared and confused why he was left without his owners. He had his vetting and dental work done. Now a happy healthy senior thriving in his new world!

Update- 2/1/2013 Moose is a happy camper! He does have SEVERE anxiety issues when not held or left alone and house training issues. Still a work in progress! But healthy & happy!

Update- 8/2013 Mr. Moose is still the odd one of the group! But none the less, he is happy and thriving! He also has a girlfriend, Annabelle! 


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Sally moved in 4/2013. She came to us from death row, in the Dallas Shelter. She is 10-12 years old, very bad dental, spine/hips and bladder issues. She is in the process of being vetting for these now and has surgery on 5/1/13.

Miss, Sally had been a pampered pet at one time, but dumped in the shelter by a family member. She is fully trained and has manners. The shelter had her listed at 6 years old, clearly obvious she is not. Sally was adopted, then returned for the reason of "too old and too many issues". Miss Sally did not understand why her life has been turned upside down. The first picture is her in the shelter, stressed. The second she is with us smiling and happy! All is fine now Miss Sally. You are here forever, on the road to recovery and welcome here no matter what "old age issues" pop up. Welcome Miss Sally, we love you! We will post more about her after she has healed from surgery in May.

Update: 8/2013 Silly Sally has healed! Although she still has and will have her spinal stenosis issue, Sally has a better quality of life. She does join the rank of the toothless, but that's ok! Sally has perfect house manners too. Silly Sally is full of spunk too! She has also taking a liking to Chance, the neuro puppy! Quite the cougar! 

Tiny Toots

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Tiny Toots was an owner surrender at the Ft Worth Shelter, due to poor health. Tiny Toots is a tiny! She's about 2-3 years old and weighs 2 and half pounds. We took Toots to OSU for neurological evaluation and testing. Due to constant spinning and incoherence to the world around her. Toots was diagnosed with mid level hydrocephalus, with slight brain damage, spinal deformities and bacterial skin infection. She is now on 2 medications and has responded remarkably! She is now enjoying life and LOVES her toys! Quite the turn around! Her condition is progressive and terminal, but for what time she has with us, she will know what love, comfort and happiness is!

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