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Burial- Smoke Rise Farms Pet Cemetery Azle, TX 

She is a 12 yr old mini schnauzer. We adopted her from a local rescue shelter. She was abandoned by her longtime owners of 10 years! She was at death's door and no longer wanted. Poor Gidget was depressed,covered in fleas, severe hair loss due to flea allergies, skin blisters from food allergies, abscessed teeth and aggressive cancer! We adopted her and provided her with the medical treatments, love and care she deserved. Gidget is now cancer free, flea free, her skin condition cleared up,dental work done and her hair has grown back. She is healthy, happy and thriving! We love you Gidget!!

UPDATE: It is with a broken heart that after 2 cancer surgeries, the cancer has returned. This time more aggressive and more than likely inoperable. We will do all we can to keep her comfortable and happy!

We love you Gidget and will be here for you through it all!!


Thanks to the wonderful Vet, Gidget will have these large tumors removed again on MONDAY 6/1/09. We will be there for you Gidget! We love you so much!!


It is with a SEVERE broken heart again, that the tumors have returned on 6/17/09 before the staples could were even removed from the 3rd and last surgery. The cancer is inoperable now. The tumors are numerous and spreading. Gidget is off and on pain meds when needed. She is still having more good days than bad. However, she is end stage with bad days and nature will have to take its course as hard as it is. She is happy and still fiesty! She is no longer able to go through the doggy door or jump up on the couch, as it does cause some pain. So it is all about giving her the love, happiness and comfort she deserves. We will be there for you Gidget and love you with all our hearts!


Sadly today 11/6/09 Gidget has passed.She is now at the Rainbow Bridge. She fought a long hard battle, but the cancer was just to aggressive. You have peace now. No more tumors, pain and suffering. If love would have cured you Gidget, you would have lived forever. We love and miss you so very much! Gidget was the senior that started Bark n Rest. It was with her, I realized there was such a need.


Burial- Blue Bonnet Pet Cemetery Ft. Worth, TX

She is approx. 12-13 yr old mini schnauzer mix.

We adopted her from a Waco shelter.

She was

found as a stray and wandering the streets. Granny is 100% deaf. She has a thyroid condition, but other than that she is healthy and was well cared for. It is so sad she was a stray, did someone abandon her or did she get lost. We will never know, no one came to claim her. Now that we have her, all is great!! She gets pretty playful for her age too. We are happy to provide her with her forever home! We love you Granny!! UPDATE: It is a sad day 4/30/09! Granny's health deteriorated and she crossed the Rainbow Bridge. We will miss you Granny!


Burial- Smoke Rise Farms Pet Cemetery Azle, TX Grave 

Moved in 3/16/2012. She is 10-12 years old. She was on death row at the Irving Shelter. Found as a stray, and no one claimed her. She had to be someone's pet, as she is well mannered, trained and knows tricks. Sadly no one came to claim her. She does have advanced mammary cancer and very large tumors.She is end of life care and her time with us is limited. Hope will be kept comfortable and happy for as long as possible. We love you Hope and will be here for you through it all. 

Update- 4/2/12 Pain meds increased to max dosage. However, she is still eating, drinking and has spunk! She has gained a pound!! I am seeking a second opinion about her tumor on 4/17/12. Hope did have her tumor removed 5/10/12. She still has cancer, but this bought her some more time. She is doing better and able to roll around and lay on her stomach with the huge tumor gone!

Sadly on 7/2/12 Hope became ill and her body was too weak to pull through. She crossed to the Rainbow Bridge cancer free now! We love you Hope!


AKA Savage

Burial- Blue Bonnet Pet Cemetery Ft. Worth, TX

She is a 18 yr old mini schnauzer. We adopted her from a rescue shelter in Oklahoma. She was found abandoned on the side of the road in the middle of a cold December day.

Poor little Edna, she is almost deaf and blind. She also has crippling arthritis. Can you imagine how much she suffered from the cold and with her health problems?

All is good now, she has found her happy forever home with us!! Edna has some abscessed teeth, she is in the process of being vetted for this now. She has improved so much since being here. Edna loves her tennis ball and on her good days, she will run, chase and play with it.

We love you Edna!!

UPDATE: Edna has made great progress, she has gained weight and become more alert. She no longer stagers when she walks. She is actually FEISTY!! Way to go EDNA!!

UPDATE: Edna is better than ever and still going strong! She is one feisty tough dog! Keep it up EDNA! We Love you!


Edna has been battling a very severe eye ulcer. We have made it to the point she is no longer in jeporady of losing her eye. We are still putting meds in 3 times a day. She is also on her way to getting over a skin staff infection and has to have 2 medicated baths a week. She had a wound on her side from a fight with Daisy another dog of ours. Edna is quite the scrapper at 18!


Today 9/19/2010 Is full of heartbreak and sadness! Edna (Savage) has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. It is a sad day! She suffered a series of massive strokes for the past 24 hours. She had lost all control, coordination could not swallow and her eyesight. She will be missed! We love you Edna (Savage) you are at peace now!


Burial- Smoke Rise Farms Pet Cemetery Azle, TX 

He is a 11 year old grumpy old man. He was found on the side of a very busy highway with Daphne.

They are inseparable! He watches over her like a hawk, it is so sweet. If we go for a car ride and we get him out first, he will not move away from the van until he sees Daphne come out.

They were spotted sitting on the highway for hours.

He is quite the escape artist, so I believe he escaped with Daphne and got lost.

He was very well cared for when found, he had a collar on but no info tag. The owners were never found. They must have been sad as he is very healthy and obident.

He does has have his grumpy times where he will stomp,throw his head around huff and puff. He rules the pack.

We rescued him July 2009, he was on death row on Tulsa Oklahoma due to age and does not tolerate young kids. He was going to be put to sleep in a matter of days even though he is healthy. You are safe now Dylan, this is your forever home now! We love you grumpy! Update 9/21/11 Dylan is doing well. He does suffer from dementia and is a little more grumpy. His hearing and sight seem to be fading too. Despite all this he is a happy & grumpy old man!

UPDATE: Sad day for us 2/1/12. We lost Dylan today. The grief stress of losing his bonded mate Daphne was just too much for his 15 year old body to handle. He lost 8 pounds, quit eating/drinking, loss use of his bladder, hips collapsed, multiple organ shut down and could no longer walk or had a quality of life. We will miss you and love you Dylan! Run free with Daphne!


Burial- Smoke Rise Farms Pet Cemetery Azle, TX 

She is 10 years old and has been with us since 7/09. She was found with Dylan on the side of the busy highway.

When she was found, it was obvious someone loved them. She was very well cared for.

I think they escaped the yard and got lost. She too had a collar but no id tag.

She has a very sweet gentle personality. She is also a talker, like some schnauzers are. She will say owwww until she gets you attention, and once she has it she will ramble on with some roo roo's.

She still has a playful side too her. She was on death row in Tulsa Oklahoma due to her age and does not tolerate small kids very well. As most older dogs do not.

So you are safe here with Dylan, this is your forever home! We love you!

Update: 9/21/11 Daphne is now mid stage mammary cancer. It is aggressive and inoperable. She will be kept happy and pain free for as long as possible.

UPDATE: We lost Daphne to cancer 1/15/12. We will miss you and love you! Run free and healthy now at the Rainbow Bridge!


Burial - Blue Bonnet Pet Cemetery Ft. Worth, TX

She was 13-14 years old. Tiny little Precious was only with us 24 hours. With the help of TLC Rescue she was pulled from the Arlington Animal Shelter. She had a cancerous tumor that was also infected the length of her body and weighed close to 4lbs. Precious only weighed 3lbs at most. She was found as a stray, so do not know her story of how she ended up alone as she was groomed and could tell was cared for other than the tumor issue. Her last 24 hours she was spoiled with love and did not die alone in the shelter. She was suffering and went to the Rainbow Bridge on 9/19/11. The short time we knew you we loved you Precious.


Burial- Blue Bonnet Pet Cemetery Mansfield, TX.

We pulled Molly from the Ft.Worth Shelter in June 2012. Poor girl was 14-16 years old, cocker spaniel mix. She was in very poor condition and had suffered life long neglect. She was taken straight to the vet where she was evaluated and treated for several days. It was determined that she would need eye surgery to save her badly infected eyes. Her heart was in failure and she was too weak to withstand any further treatment. Sadly she never made it home to us. She is no longer suffering and running free at the Rainbow Bridge! We love you Molly!


Burial- Blue Bonnet Pet Cemetery Mansfield, TX. 

We pulled Pita from Ft.Worth Shelter June 2012. We took him straight to our vet. He was around 10-12 years old. He too was in very poor condition and suffered life long neglect. His eyes were the worst I have EVER seen. Years of hair growth INTO the eyes, causing severe infections. After almost a week of treatment, his eyes did improve, but sadly further evaluation found he was riddled with cancer and tumors along his spine. He began showing signs of severe discomfort and the cancer was beyond treating. So it was best to end his suffering. It was sad he never got to come home, but he is cancer/pain free at the Rainbow Bridge! We love you Pita!


Burial- Blue Bonnet Pet Cemetery Mansfield, TX. 

Jill moved in 12/11. She is 8 years old and was found as a stray. She was on death row in the Ft. Worth shelter. At somepoint in her young life, Jill has had a stroke. As a result of it, she has neurological issues and her head stays tilted. She also had very SEVERE dental issues. The infections were so severe part of her sinus have deteriorated, affected her kidneys, liver and has caused a grade 5/6 heart murmur. Poor Jill was no longer responding to the meds and vet after vet refused to do surgery on her due to the risk involved. They suggested euthanasia. I struggled with this as, I knew she still had too much spunkand life left! Luckily Luv'em 4 Life Rescue referred me to their vet! This SAVED Jill's life! We took the risk and she made it through the surgery. 17 teeth were pulled and her mouth cleaned up. The infections body wide are clearing up! She will always have the heart condition, the sinus damage (that will be monitored) and neurological issues, but she was given a second chance at life! We love you Jill!

Update- 4/14/12 WOW!! Jill is thriving! Hyper and loud! Totally different dog! She still has her neurological issues, but that is not stopping her!

Update- 9/12 Sad day! We lost Jill due to heart failure. She struggled with heart murmur and it could no longer function as it should. We love you and will miss you Jilly Pill!


Ashes with foster

15 years old and was left at the shelter. in April 2012, we pulled her from the Wise County Shelter in Decatur TX. Lily is our first resident to in our Rena's Angels Program. She does have bladder issues, common in the seniors. Lily has a sweet funny personality. She will squawk like a parrot to get your attention. She also prefers men over women. Lilly also does a very cute dance for her dinner.

Update- 10/12 A very heartbreaking day. Lilly passed due to a stroke. She was loved and will be missed. Huge thank you to Amber Orr. Her very loving caring foster Mom. Without her, Lilly would have never made it out of the shelter and experience many months of happiness!


Burial- Blue Bonnet Pet Cemetery Mansfield, TX. 

10-12 years old was found stray and ended up in the Arlington Tx Shelter. We pulled her out 9/8/12. Poor little Monkey was covered in mammary tumors. We have had many dogs with these tumors and I have never seen any as numerous or large as hers. She was spunky and had a zest for life. Sadly after several vet consultations and and increase in her pain, it was best to end her suffering. Her pain became uncontrolled and any movement or touch caused her to yell out. The cancer had spread and was inoperable. We were blessed to have Monkey for 2 weeks! We love you Monkey and you are now free of cancer and pain!


Burial- Smoke Rise Farms Pet Cemetery Azle, TX 

18-20 years old and was abandoned at the Arlington TX Shelter. Sweet tiny little Penelope had suffered neglect for many years and it took a toll on her tiny body. We were blessed to have her a short 24 hours. She took a turn for the worst on 10/11/12. Her liver and multiple organs failed and she was rushed to the vet. Sadly we lost her, as she was too ill to continue the fight. You were special Penelope and we love you!


Burial- Blue Bonnet Pet Cemetery Mansfield, TX. 

Only 5 years old and was in such poor health. Abandoned at the Ft.Worth Shelter. He was riddled with nasal/sinus cancer and blood vessel disorder. His ears and nose were literally falling off in pieces. Sadly we did not get to know him as he was rushed straight to the vet, where it was determined he was suffering too much. So he was peacefully sent to the Rainbow Bridge on 1/30/12. For small amount a time we were with you Spot, you were loved!


Burial- Smoke Rise Farms Pet Cemetery Azle, TX 

Sweet little old man Trevor is 14 and adorable! He came to us 9/5/12. Our local vet called us and asked if we could take him. His owner of 14 years had taken him to the vet to be put down due to age! He may be a senior but he is FAR from end of life! Treavor has excellent manners and very well trained. He does not have any major health issues. He does suffer from severely infected eyes/ears. We are still battling the infections and winning the war with the ears. However his eye infection is pretty bad and as of 10/14/12 has advanced ulcers and left eye buldge. He has been started on new meds and at risk of losing his eyes. Another update will be posted in 7 days as a result of the meds will be known then. Welcome home Trevor! Sadly on 10/19/12 Trevor went to the Rainbow Bridge. Trevor's eye issue became worse, the right eye was bleeding, possible rupture and both eyes needed to be removed. But with his poor health, that was not an option. RIP Trevor. No more suffering! We love and miss you sweet boy!


Burial- Smoke Rise Farms Pet Cemetery Azle, TX 

We pulled Rosy from death row at the Conroe,TX. Shelter on 4/2/12.She is 11-13 years old. She was an owner surrender, who claimed to have had her only 3 months. Not sure of her history prior to that. She was in rough shape, covered in fleas, inflamed skin, 

dental issues, eye problem and in need of major grooming. Which was sad, because prior to this 3 month owner, it is obvious that she was at one time a beloved pet. She is well behaved, very quite, walks great on a leash and loves car rides. I also believe she is still missing her original owner, she acts very sad at times. She has had a rough 3 months and now having to adjust again. On a happy note, this is her forever home and no more bouncing around. She does have a growth under her left upper eye lid and lower eye lid turned in rubbing and hurting her eye. She is in the process of consult for surgery for this and her dental surgery. You are home now Rosy! Lots of happiness coming your way!Update-2/1/2013 Rosie has had her oral/nasal fistula repaired. She is healthy, happy and has spunk! Update: 3/21/13 We have broken hearts today. Sadly Rosie passed away unexpectedly due to an altercation with another dog. The injuries she received were not life threatening but the stress and trauma was more than she could bear. We love you Rosie! Sweet sweet Angel!


Burial- Blue Bonnet Pet Cemetery Mansfield, TX. 

Cotton is 19 and blind. He moved in 12/11. He is small, 8 pounds and looks like a tiny lamb. He is sweet as one too. Poor little Cotton was on death row at the Ft.Worth shelter. He only has about 4 teeth left and fistula in his upper gum. He is too old for the reconstructive surgery, so the vet treats with meds as needed. It never seems to bother him. Other than that he is healthy. Being blind does not stop him. He gets to where he sets out to go. He also has a perky side! He loves to play "Got your tail" with my daughter. He will jump around wagging his tail like a tiny fly swatter as you play with him. He also loves a good neck rub. We love you Cotton! I'm gonna get your tail!

Update- 4/15/12 Cotton is thriving and healthy for an 18 yr old! He keeps going and going!

Update- 2/1/2013 Cotton is still going strong! One healthy little old man!

Update: 6/4/13 Sadly, Cotton's age of 19 took a toll on him, mentally and physically. Run free and young at the Rainbow Bridge! We love and miss you Cotton! 


Burial- Blue Bonnet Pet Cemetery Mansfield,TX. 

He moved in 4/17/11.

14 years old.

Poor little thing was abandoned and taken to the Arlington Animal Shelter. Thanks to Respect A Bull Rescue, he found his way here!

He is skin and bone. You can see and feel EVERY tiny bone. 

He has started on a body building feeding program. More updates to come as he gets settled in and more is known about him.Update: 9/21/11 Earl is thriving. See our senior pictures for "after" pictures with the weight gain and no longer scared. He has gained weight, can no longer see any bones and is a happy old man. He does have slight collapsing trachea which is common in older small breeds.

Update: 4/11/12- Vet Visit age is taking a toll on Earl's heart. He has a very slow paced heart beat. But healthy otherwise.

Update- Earl is the pack leader! Getting them in control! Age has shown some on him, he can't jump as much and walks a bit slower, but that is ok!

Update: 6/18/13- Earl's health declined and his quality of life was no longer. He had heart and kidney failure due to age. RIP Earl! We love you! 


Burial- Blue Bonnet Pet Cemetery Ft. Worth, TX

Bonnie was pulled from the Rowlett, TX. Shelter 4/2013. Sweet Bonnie, was 10-12 years old and abandoned during her greatest time of need. Bonnie had advanced mammary 

cancer. So advanced, there was nothing medically that could be done for her. The tumors were pressing and calcifying on her internal organ and Bonnie was in a great amount of pain. Sadly, Bonnie was not healthy enough to leave the vet office. She was peacefully sent to the Rainbow Bridge to end her suffering. RIP Bonnie! We love you!


Burial- Blue Bonnet Pet Cemetery Ft. Worth, TX. 

Beya was pulled from the Arlington, TX shelter 7/2013. She was 15-16 years old and in very poor health, abandoned during her time of need. Sadly Beya was only with us for 24 hours. She was suffering from advanced spinal stenosis and liver failure. RIP sweet Beya. We love you! 


Burial- Blue Bonnet Pet Cemetery Ft. Worth, TX. 

Diamond was pulled from the Garland, TX. Shelter 5/2013. She is 11-12 years old and had mammary cancer, severe dental issues and end stage heart failure. Diamond was wearing a name tag when brought to the shelter, as a public stray. There was even an address on her tag, from Sherman TX. We tried to make contact with the owner and never received a reply.Diamond, was yet another 

terminally ill senior, abandoned when she needed her human the most. Diamond's cancer was inoperable and her health did not allow any surgery for her dental issues. Diamond was with us for 3 months. During this time we got to know sweet Diamond. She had perfect house manners! Diamond was a cuddly lap dog! Sadly on 8/20/13 her cancer advanced to a stage of no longer keeping her comfortable. She was peacefully sent to the Rainbow Bridge to end her suffering. RIP sweet Diamond! We love you!


Burial at Blue Bonnet Pet Cemetery Ft.Worth

Heather was pulled from the Carrollton Shelter 9/2013. She was 10 years old and riddled with mammary cancer. Once pulled she was transported to our Dallas Vet and taken to surgery. Sadly once in surgery, it was seen the cancer was advanced and spread throughout all the organs. The decision was made to peacefully send her to the Rainbow Bridge as no improvement was expected. Rip Heather! We love you!


Burial at Smoke Rise Farms Pet Cemetery Azle 

Rose was pulled from the Ft.Worth shelter in 10/2013. She was 9-10 years old. Rose was in very poor condition. Once of the worst mammary cancer cases I have seen. She had very large open tumors, skin cancer and advanced heartworms. Sadly we did not get the chance to know Rose very well. During her vet appointment, the vet determined her cancer was advanced and she was in pain. The decision was made to peacefully send her to the bridge. Rip Rose! We love you! 

Spanky *HS*

Burial at Blue Bonnet Pet Cemetery Ft. Worth

Owner surrender at the Arlington Shelter, on death row. 10 years old. He moved in 2/12. He came to us as a transfer from Tlc Rescue. He does have aggressive issues and gets pretty nippy. He had his neuter and dental surgery, 3 teeth removed. Poor little Spanky must have had little human contact or abusive background. He fears human hands, female or male. It's alright Spanky, your here now and it will be ok!

Update- 4/15/12 Still a work in progress. He can be picked up and petted a little more. But still fears hands, so sad. BUT...he does come and push on your feet and wants to be petted! So he craves attention, just needs more work.

Update- 2/1/2013 Spanky has improved! He greets guest, but still can't touch. He does let me pet his back and seeks attention now! YAY! Spanky!

Update- 8/2013 Spanky still has his human aggression issues. But does crave human attention. We just find the right balance for him and he is thriving and happy! Even though he still has some heated moments! Calm down Spanky! It's ok now!

Update- 12/17/2013 Sadly we lost Spanky today. Based on symptoms he was presenting on arrival to the vet's office, it is believed Spanky passed from complications of a brain tumor. RIP Spanky! We love you!


Ashes with foster

He came to us 1/2013. 15 years old. He was pulled from the Irving shelter. Poor Buddy had a history of finding his way to doggie jail. The third time, his owners did not come and left him there. He was so stressed in the shelter that it brought out unknown health issues. He has advanced collapsing trachea and heart murmur that is moving into heart failure and undergoing vetting for his condition.

Update- 2/1/2013 Buddy is with our foster in Waco and she reports he is thriving and responding to his heart meds! Great news!

Update- 8/2013 Buddy had a bit of a health scare. He had a small abscess rupture in his mouth, along his cheek area. Antibiotics has taken care of it. Buddy is doing amazingly well and thriving under the care of our Waco foster! He is also become quite the foodie!

Buddy passed away April 2014 due to congestive heart and renal failure. We miss and love you Buddy! 

Sugar Poodle

Ashes with foster

Sugar was pulled from the El Paso shelter. She is 11-12 years old. We do not know why Sugar was found stray and ended up in the shelter. As she was very well cared for and signs of recent surgery. It is obvious she was someone's baby. We tried locating the owner, but no luck. Sugar does has common senior issues like dental and heart issues that are in the process of being vetted for. But she is otherwise very spunky and full of life! April 2014 Sugar went in for dental and spay surgery. She did have several cancerous mammary tumors, which were removed. Sadly 3 days later, Sugar Poodle passed away from complications related to the cancer found during surgery. We love and will miss you!


Burial Blue Bonnet Pet Cemetery Ft. Worth

Romeo came to us in February 2014.Romeo is around 7 to 8 years old. He came from rescue that was shut down due to neglectful conditions. Romeo was one of 21 dogs, that was confined to living in a tiny travel trailer in deplorable conditions for years.

He had several infections, severe double ear infections, rectal bleeding, broken teeth and every kind of worm infestation possible. Romeo was also going blind. After almost a month in the hospital, he was brought back to health. It was obvious that Romeo did not know what a dog bed and toys were. How happy he was, when he learned what fun toys were and how comfortable dog beds were too! Oh, he just loved going to the toy box and selecting out his toys! That's how most of his days with us were spent. Making up for lost time and enjoying his new life! Sadly on May 16,2014 Romeo developed severe facial, head and right eye swelling. Which turned out to be complications from an unknown aggressive brain tumor. Prognosis was poor and severe pain expected. He was peacefully and humanely put to sleep to end suffering. We love and will miss you Romeo!  

Miss Minnie

Burial at Blue Bonnet Pet Cemetery Ft.Worth

We pulled her on 7/29/13 from Rowlett Shelter. She is 12-14 years old. Little Miss. Minnie had several health issues going on and had required extensive surgery. She had the large belly mass, that weighed almost as much as she did, removed. She also had the tumors removed, dental surgery and was spayed. The vet noted, she was basically used as a puppy machine. Which resulted in her health conditions. She does have mammary cancer. The surgery has bought her some time and given her a better quality of life. Miss. Minnie came home from the hospital on 8/20/13. She will still need strict crate rest for another month or so. But is on the way to a new beginning! Miss Minnie had a total of 5 surgeries. She also has congestive heart failure.

Sadly despite all the vetting, we lost Minnie to heart and renal failure May 20,2014. We love you and will miss you! 

Maggie Moo

Burial at Smoke Rise Farms in Azle Texas

Maggie was a rescue transfer from the Wylie shelter 8/2014. She was 6-8 years old. Maggie suffered from severe neurological issues. Maggie was not coherent and had difficulty holding her head up, eating and drinking. Sadly, before we could get her into the neurologist she passed due to strokes. RIP sweet Maggie. You were loved!

Crazy Bailey

Burial at Smoke Rise Farms in Azle Texas

Moved in 3/2010. She is 3 years old and comes from Tulsa Oklahoma. Bailey is healthy but has "mental" issues and is misunderstood.She was on death row labeled as aggressive and bite dog. None of which we have seen. She does have very vocal temper tantrums, in which she growls, grumbles, snarls and shows her teeth. But she has not bitten. Really hard to describe until you see it. Sometimes she does need her space and will spend hours if not the whole day under the bed in one of her "hissy fits". Once they pass she comes out ready to be part of the action. We love you Bailey and you can throw all the fits here you want and still have a happy home!

Update- 4/15/12 Bailey is still Bailey! Happy, healthy and emotional!

Update- 2/1/2013 Still going strong, happy & healthy!

Update- 6/2013 Bailey had what we thought, was going to be a routine dental. But turned out to be very extensive and provided many answers to her mental condition. Bailey lost 20 teeth due due damage caused by distemper. Obviously, at some point in her life she contracted distemper and survived. It is believed her mental issues are caused by the distemper neurological damage. Despite this, Bailey is happy & healthy!

Update: 9/4/2014 Sadly we lost Crazy Bailey today. Due to an emergency intestinal mass rupture. We love you and will miss you! 

Baby Micki

Burial at Blue Bonnet Pet Cemetery

Baby Micki was pulled from the Ft.Worth shelter. Her owner surrendered her due to health reasons.

She moved in 8/2014. Micki was in very poor health and only 8 to 10 weeks old barely weighing 2 pounds. After neurological exam and testing, Micki was diagnosed with advanced hydrocephalus, spinal deformities and brain damage resulting in vision and cognitive issues. She was also underweight. Micki has been placed on 2 medicines, is responding and gaining weight. She does have difficulty maintaining body temperature at times, requiring the use of the incubator. Despite her health/mental issues, she enjoys roaming around the house and yard. Baby Micki's condition is terminal, but for what time she has with us, she will know love, comfort and happiness. 10/2014 Sadly, the fluid and brain swelling could no longer be controlled. Baby Mickie no longer had a comfortable quality of life. We love and miss you Baby Micki!  

Sugar Bear

Burial at Blue Bonnet Pet Cemetery

Is 15 and was dumped by her long time owners at the Wise County Shelter. She moved in 9/11. Sugar was being overlooked due to her old age. Her coat had excessive over growth and has been groomed. Sugar has spots and slick fur! She does have atrophy issues and degenerative joint disease. Common in senior dogs. She has been placed on meds to help the stiffness and pain.

Sugar is adjusting well and has some aggression issues with the other dogs. She wants to be the boss. We are working with her on this. She is also still sad from being abandoned. Sugar will go and stare out the window and have a very sad expression. As if she is looking for her owner. She has a broken heart, but we will help it heal by spoiling her with love! You are will never be abandoned here Sugar Bear! We love you!

Update- 4/15/12 Doing great! She is arthritic, but at 15 it is to be expected.

Update- 2/1/2013 Sugar had a medical emergency 1/2013. Ruptured deep tissue mammary abscess that required surgery and 5 day hospital stay. She is recovering and back to herself! Grumpy & happy!

Update- 8/2013 Sugar has recovered from her recent dental surgery! For a senior lady, she is going strong! Sugar does have pretty severe arthritis and on meds for this. She is happy, thriving and still has those grumpy moments! 11/2014 Sadly, Sugar Bear's hips deteriorated to the point of extreme pain and loss of mobility. We love and miss you Sugar Bear! 


Ashes with foster

Nutmeg was pulled from the Carrollton Texas shelter January 2014. She is 16-17 years old, blind, deaf and arthritis. We do not know her 

history as, she was found a stray. Nutmeg was in poor condition when found, as you can see in the picture. She was skin and bones with severely infected mouth. She has since had her dental surgery, thriving and enjoying her new life! Despite her age and health issues, Nutmeg has some spunk and can be a bit feisty at times! 7/2015 Sadly we lost Nutmeg to various old age issues that were no longer able to be treated for quality of life. We love you Nutmeg. Thank you to her foster Karren for all the care and love she gave her.

Lucy Lou

Burial at Blue Bonnet Pet Cemetery

Lucy Lou was pulled from the Carrollton Texas Shelter in April 2014. She is 15 to 16 years old. We do not know much of her background, as she was found a stray. Obviously has lived a hard life, as she was in poor condition. Very underweight with several infections. She had her dental surgery, abscess treated and several rounds of antibiotics. Now on the road to recovery and settling in her new life! She still has a couple of pounds to gain, but no worries, that won't take long! She loves her meals! Also loves walking around the yard smelling and chewing on the oregano plants! 8/2015 Sadly, Lucy Lou passed away. She came down with an intestinal infection and was just too much for her 17 year old body. We will love and miss you! Thank you to her wonderful fosters, Donna and Randall for showing her love during her time with them.


Burial at foster's personal pet cemetery

7/2015 Walter came to us from a rescue transfer with his buddy Ernie. It was obvious this little senior man, 10-12 years old, suffered many years of neglect. He was emanciated, frail and riddled with several infections. Walter got to enjoy a few months of love and comfort. 8/2015 Sadly, he passed peacefully in his sleep during a nap of natural causes. We love you! Thank you to his foster Stacy for loving and caring for him for the time he had left.


Burial at foster's private pet cemetery.

7/2015 Ernie came to us from a rescue transfer with his buddy Walter. It was obvious this little senior man, 18 years old, suffered many years of neglect. He was emanciated, frail, riddled with several infections and possible lymphoma cancer. Ernie got to enjoy a few months of love and comfort. 8/2015 Sadly, Ernie took a turn for the worst and could no longer be treated. He passed peacefully in his sleep during the night. We love you! Thank you to his foster Stacy for loving and caring for him for the time he had left. 

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